The family of products of the Zdrowe Pola brand keeps increasing! Get to know SUPERFOOD products – healthy and valuable dietary supplements that are simple to use and store. Try natural excellent Polish WA:żywo vegetable spreads on a slice of crisp bread or in combination with other dishes. We created each of our products using the best raw products from regional farmers, and the technological process was conducted in specialised plants guaranteeing top safety and quality. We are sure that unique products of Polish origin offered by us will fully meet your expectations.


We often hear a stereotype that dried food is devoid of nutritional values. A number of research works has debunked this myth – average losses of nutritional value, vitamins and minerals of dried products in appropriate precise conditions fit within the range of 10-15% (towards raw vegetables).

It must be stressed that 200 g of our product is made from around 2 kg of freshly picked vegetables and fruit, so they form a “concentrate” abounding in the most valuable nutrients.

Our products are tested for the presence of micronutrients, such as vitamins, mineral ingredients and other valuable ingredients favourable for the functioning of the human body (e.g., chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonoids). The information confirmed by a laboratory analysis is put on packages so that you could know which of the products is an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, iron or complex carbohydrates. Replace supplements and pills with a 100% natural product – your body will be grateful to you!

Below we present a range of SUPERFOOD products of the Zdrowe Pola brand: Each item contains the most essential information, e.g., a table of nutritional values, properties, method of use. We invite you to look into our offer and broaden your knowledge of these natural sources of health.

100% Polski Młody Jęczmień



The barley grass powder is obtained from young barley sprouts, which contain the biggest number of macro- and micronutrients at this stage of growth.



As a very valuable vegetable, the red beetroot has been cultivated in the moderate climate for millenniums. It ideally supplements the diet with vitamins and minerals.

100% Polski Młody Jęczmień



Kale is one of the most valuable Polish green vegetables. An obligatory item for active persons who take care of a full valuable diet.



The dried parsley is the most valuable part of the plant, which has a series of nourishing vitamins and mineral ingredients. It is one of the best superfoods!

100% Polski Młody Jęczmień



Abounding in nutritional values, the varied constitution of the bee pollen supplements a daily diet, e.g., with aminoacids, vitamins and mineral ingredients.



The Green MIX of the Zdrowe Pola brand is a unique combination of the most valuable vegetables: young barley, kale leaves, and parsley (each ingredient in 33% proportion).


WA:żywo spreads taste great with bread but can also be served as dips. The spread with dried tomatoes and cranberries is a great alternative for pesto. Every WA:żywo jar is full of easily digestible nutrients. It is a perfect healthy snack at home, at work and during the summer holidays.


WA:ŻYWO: Spread with dried tomatoes and cranberry

The refined composition of flavours will satisfy the seekers of unconventional tastes.

It will prove great as sauce for pasta and a dip for snacks.


WA:ŻYWO: White bean spread with linseed

A combination of white bean rich in protein with delicate and very valuable linseed. A mild taste, ideal for the youngest kids.


WA:ŻYWO: Carrot spread with nigella seeds

The carrot spread with nigella seeds has an enchanting delicate taste with sweet notes. The lively colour of the spread will enrich visually each snack and dish.


WA:ŻYWO: Pumpkin spread

with lovage

Ideal for spreading on bread, it consists of pumpkin rich in beta-carotene and lovage leaves that have a favourable impact on the digestive system. It is perfectly seasoned.


WA:ŻYWO: Red beetroot spread

with dried plums

An unconventional combination of red beetroot and sweet dried plum. A great alternative to enrich your daily menu.


WA:ŻYWO: Champignon spread with pumpkin seeds

The champignon will enchant you with its intense flavour, and pumpkin seeds will supplement shortages of zinc. The creamy consistency of the spread is ideal for spreading on bread.


Dried fruit is not only tasty and sweet, but also full of necessary nutrients and serve as an excellent source of energy. The fruit MIX of the Zdrowe Pola brand is a unique combination of dried fruits: apple, black currant, aronia berry and raspberry. An unquestionable benefit of our MIX is the lack of any artificial additives – all ingredients are 100% natural and free of sugar and sulphur. In addition, dried fruit contains a large quantity of fibre and, even though it is more calorific than fresh fruit, it can be consumed without the fear of gaining weight. They are an excellent alternative to sweets. Dried fruit has a great effect on the work of the digestive system. It regulates the work of bowels, and its regular consumption reduces the risk of circulatory diseases, diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases.

100% Polski Młody Jęczmień



A delicious combination of dried fruits: apple, black currant, aronia berry and raspberry. This crisp acidic product is a healthy and convenient snack or a supplement to dishes.

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