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A large part of exotic products from the list of increasingly popular superfoods can be successfully replaced with very valuable products from our environment. In consultation with nutrition specialists, we have chosen products of biggest nutritional value that bring a series of advantages when included in a diet. Items from our assortment will ideally supplement and improve the nutritional quality of your favourite cocktail, smoothie and salad, and natural vegetable spreads will become an invaluable addition to bread that will enrich your daily menu.


By introducing a series of most valuable products for broad distribution, we want to have a positive impact on the method of nutrition of our customers. The quality problem of popular food exists and is related to the oversupply of sugars, saturated fats, GMO food, omnipresent preservatives and flavour enhancers with a simultaneous shortage of the most valuable nutrients.

The solutions offered by modern processing, preservation and packaging technologies give us the possibility of improving nutritional parameters of consumed foods in a remarkable, but simple manner. We want to contribute to the popularisation of the trend concerning the improvement of the quality of our nutrition. We want to sell 100% Polish products that we think are underestimated by or unknown to many persons and, as confirmed by research and experiences, can play an irreplaceable role in changing our method of nutrition.



Specially selected superfood products

and unique flavour combinations in spreads.

100% natural and of Polish origin.


Discover recipes and culinary inspirations,

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use of our products.


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Superfood is food products that contain necessary nutrients and have a proven favourable impact on health. Thus, can we say that superfood means modern supplements, maybe even medicines?

According to the definition of dietary supplement, it contains ingredients necessary for health (vitamins, other mineral ingredients, aminoacids or other exogenous substances) that may be absent in a daily diet. A supplement is offered most frequently in a concentrated form – as pills, capsules, powder or a liquid. According to a directive of the European Union, dietary supplements are recognised as food. What is a medicine? According to the law, a medicine is every substance, whether natural or synthetic, that can be entered directly into the human body in a proper pharmaceutical form in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect or in order to prevent a disease.

Superfood, otherwise called functional food:

  • firstly, it nourishes the human body – delivers necessary exogenous compounds (i.e., those that are not produced by the human body) such as exogenous aminoacids, necessary unsaturated fatty acids (commonly called omega 3 and omega 6 fats), fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins and numerous micro- and macroelements;

  • it has an anti-inflammatory effect  – it contains many antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, as well as vitamins C, tocopherol or retinol;

  • it has a documented effect – numerous studies confirm the favourable impact of superfood on health. Doctors and dieticians increasingly often choose functional food to improve the quality of nutrition and, consequently, the patient’s health;

  • these are natural products subjected to top-level technological processing – superfood is obtained by means of lyophilisation and instantisation processes. Thanks to these technological processes, products do not lose their pro-health ingredients that occur in natural complexes – briefly speaking, they are most easily digestible nutrients in a diet! Thanks to their bioavailability, they quickly supplement shortages of vitamins and mineral ingredients and prevent the possibility of digesting an excessive amount of a single nutrient! (They prevent hypervitaminosis in a natural way, which is as dangerous to health as hypovitaminosis);

  • like a supplement or a medicine, , a small amount of superfood can supplement shortages of nutrients in a diet – even a spoonful of lyophilised parsley or lyophilised green cabbage supplements the daily demand for vitamin C.


So, if superfoods nourish, supplement shortages, have an anti-inflammatory effect, are effective in small amounts – are they superfoods, or maybe curative food or the food of the future? We know well that proper dietary prophylaxis helps to prevent many diseases and is necessary for their treatment.


To sum up: if we want to be fully healthy, it is worth choosing functional food already today

without waiting for the state when it will be the last resort.



WA:żywo are spreads made from vegetables that come from reliable Polish suppliers which, apart from 100% natural ingredients, characterises all Zdrowe Pola products. Since the beginning of the brand, we have supported the development of Polish farming and thus WA:żywo spreads, unlike many other spreads and hummus containing chickpeas, are based on vegetables grown in Poland such as beans, carrots, beets, tomatoes and mushrooms.

While creating WA:żywo spreads, we focused on carefully developed formulas, cooperation with local farmers and unique flavour combinations. Apart from vegetables, the spreads contain nigella seeds, linseeds, cranberries, raspberry and pumpkin seeds, and spices. The spreads do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. They are suitable for vegetarians.

They taste great with bread but can also be served as dips. The spread with dried tomatoes and cranberries is a great alternative for pesto. Every WA:żywo jar is full of easily digestible nutrients. It is a perfect healthy snack at home, at work and during the summer holidays.




SUPER MIX dried fruit is a natural snack – an alternative to sweets and a healthy source of energy. It can be added to yoghurts and porridges or simply eaten straight from the package. Thanks to high fibre content, dried fruit has a favourable impact on the digestive system. They reduce the risk of circulatory diseases, diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases. When using a healthy diet, we should not forget to consume them regularly.

The fruit MIX of the Zdrowe Pola brand is a unique combination of apples, black currants, aronia berries and raspberries from the best Polish cultivations.  

Dried apples support the immunological system thanks to vitamin C, reinforce the heart function thanks to potassium, and polyphenols contained in them neutralise toxic substances and free radicals. Thanks to high fibre content, they support digestive processes, alleviate indigestion and prevent constipations.

Dried black currant is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C. It supports the treatment of the liver and kidneys and inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, therefore it is particularly recommended in cases of influenza and other viral infections.

Dried aronia berry has a favourable impact on the elasticity of blood vessels, regulates blood pressure and improves vision. It reinforces the immunological system, so it is worth consuming in autumn and winter. Moreover, aronia berry is a vitamin bomb – it contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, PP. It abounds in mineral ingredients and microelements. It enhances memory, delays ageing processes and immunises the skin against the harmful effect of UV sun rays.

Dried raspberries are a wonderful anti-fever and perspiration-inducing remedy; they have a sedative effect, improve the work of the immunological system and reinforce the natural protection of the human body. They help to counteract stomach issues and alleviate menstrual pain.

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